Shadow Dealers They move in the in-between light

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Shadow dealer carries a and delivers all types of spice due to the privacy of nature the upmost discretion is applied Darla Davos has the connection she doesn’t know what the person looks like but they always deliver.
She has the numbers 15 ms she’s PGP boom locations relate to her parlors in the deal is done it’s my clubowners allow that’s how she eats and pays her girls. The clubs are always insulated like subterranean locations are bomb shelters etc. you don’t get GPS or any Wi-Fi signals the only relay are with crypto Canucks.
The club has its own the crypto’s install and they were heavily regulated calms off white any and all threats. The work is extremely curated they have to avoid drones, Falcons, backscatter, bio binary, and other rivals.

A bit is paying to a minimum of 256 global servers then a “shadow dealer” catches it through a liquid ATM for current value. Then the crypto was redeposited to validate the PGP key and washed any comments like a parrcrypto is redeposit it to validate the PGP key and washed any covers like a FRDY a cage a cage

Davos is the shadow Taylor’s face. She socializes in facilitates transactions by a PGP number Davos gives money is treated in a diverse girl, delivers spices, or beverages. Davos girls deliver oh- yeah in the club it’s a Nuro administered.

VOICE – Darla drop me a sub lingual or nebu.

A nebulizer is administered O2 best helium base and carbon-based.

  • lithium
  • cadium
  • coldial

Heavy-metal VA is longer in five different it’s very exclusive highly desirable kinetic and she is extremely expensive.

Nebulizars, clubgoers can only relax and release in this environment. All other aspects of life is signals and signs. Track or be tracked.

Inside of a Souped up iTechTruk Black Ford F-150 sit Victor and Johnson

JOHNSON – “I don’t give a fuck that bitch is playing me.”
VICTOR – “Look you banged a cheap hoe… Let it go…”
JOHNSON – “Fuck her I spent time and money.”
VICTOR – “Bro, don’t be a bitch…”
JOHNSON – “Fuck you.”
Pounding his fist on the dash.Command dash blips.
COMMAND – “Eagle to rover, eagle to rover.”
VICTOR – gripping the reply – “Charlie Alpha 151 rover is in route.”

In her apartment DARLA DAVOS is glamming and bopping to music. Sparsely furnished.
Grabs her phone

DARLA – Bishes, I’m going to gripe and grind on this boy.
The response of GIF’s and OOOooh’s…

Darla hits some weed and giggles. Turns on RF shield and a spoof imei bounce. pops some pills, snorts a line.

Victor is head down on the passenger side sniffing powder. Hands tray over to Johnson.
JOEY SUN is juicing in his kitchen. In his mouth there’s a blunt. snorts two lines. Getting his head in the game.Opens his mobile and runs a R.F. Shield Script and a spoof imei.
Hovering in the sky are FALCON DRONE’s “DoDo’s” due to their nature of constant failure.
VICTOR – …Like even though we aredigestive her nureal and project her Binary Dispos it was a wash by our algo’s and be Mod Bios, I could swear she’d be a free playing field.
JOHNSON – Wait? you have been over extending?
VICTOR – Look, she is our job. Plus what’s the harm?

The digitals dump begins see this is the third GEN the digital dossier starts in the room the automation is assessed by genetic and cultural disposition when women are suddenly divided by hysterics.

Social engineering is bland after the indoctrination of the composite route kit. So the application or firearms warheads etc. are useless. Making money off of quantifiable human predictions QHP this device with work contractor the company was called or is called Holmes.
If you don’t do for your country then there’s nothing we can do for you.
HOLMES answers to a company based in Canada called ARIS who is owned by a hedge fund called PLATOES.
Now these holdings have extremely vested interest in ideas. In order to harvest ideas they resort to financial or rather questionable tactics and poor choices for financial gain now in order to insulate themselves from any illicit gain as a result of poor and inadequate taste there are levels or tiers.

DoDo’s are always operating as well as ping posts and except all transmissions but a crappy To Dos pier and loom and can attest Alcom is an RF field has been interferences so Victor and Johnson Drive the equivalent of a mother dump truck the van is equipped with collection clouds they also troll other comp communications like IM EI and them to notice poofs
intercom have evolved to “N.I.” November idiots like an LP neurolinguistic programming but like peaks over valleys intercom’s are surpassed in the terms of implants or low level generated RF chips Siri is only of those that are infected with November India. It radio isolates a subject so only the subject can hear audio.


INC A private firm that invested of the seed millions of ads for monies and tanks patterns etc. and had a PR firm to subjugate their true motives this is the new elite rules don’t apply monopolies proceed they are allowed by government operation because government people are integrated after their term into these model firms.
THY INC works to exterminate live subjects. This is applied in many illicit subjective and nefarious operations i.e. independent cover subjugation of live ODs operative to the third derivatives.
THY INC is an independent bio chem lab that has opportunistic self financed zero day shadow life from the employee recruitment position of Curie rehab and Health care actual bottles are much more subvert.
Their business bottle is inside insulating caressing and manipulation human automatons warriors and political derivative for profit.
Their PR is generic and insincere there DevOps are invasive and destructive operating outside of the law.
THYINC assumes that there are smarter than anyone else they operate operate their work autonomously using civilian subjects are unaware the place I have some life subjects after administration of reclamation there’s no antivirus their subjects or “thinkers “” if the Nuro bioanalyst or not to the expected projection.

Tier 3

Data Digest’s project “community” to harvest that knowledge.This is the new elite, rules don’r apply.

  1. Control
  2. Collect
  3. Capitalize

Humans are predictable, boring and habit dependent. Data collection does nothing, only producing a limited amount to sustain GDP. There is no growth.
Nureal Science opens perception, possibility, and personification.
They did not display and if they did the subjects ahead or fell in line with minimal thorough or cognitive connection so link returned it what the firm wanted our data analytics or perceived “thinkers” to collect control capitalize.

Elimination or extermination is not possible the flow charts did not anticipate these type of results from tier 1 and tier 2.

Well in the meantime if the control subjects don’t produce desired tier 3 results they abandon yet watch from a far. There is no inoculation and the props and bio chem clothes are frayed in order to eliminate live subjects so instead they attempt a variety of tactics.

14A is in place but THYINC and QHP plus other data bio firms are.

The brain works in two separate hemispheres so it’s simpler to transmitted to “nouns” or “poofs” 7% of percent of the population doesn’t understand or comprehend automation AI or VR let alone augmented reality.