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7:00 AM startled a noise which woke me from & slumber.

Functioning on half sleep, I was dreaming as I was waking In a half daze, I found myself lost in my thoughts.
There was a half static sensation that caught my attention.
I tuned in to the Metaphine filter. Which can S & S loop. The channels, keep surfers in audible Live Environment tru-simulation. Psychological type of game play, Psi-Tel.
Not & game per-se but but a manipulation of personal characteristics. Audible interference and sensory deprivation.
All in the spirit of rewardable pleasure for the “actors” of the “sport”.”Target” selected unbeknownst to them.
In the new Eon such evolution has distorted from normal form of communication.
Let me explain to myself:

  • The “sport” disguised as friendly “hello” in the Metaphine filter. The object is to manipulate the “Target” whilst gaining insight of their targets.
  • Psi-Tel actors work in unison detaching the “Target” from all aspects of their life. This is communicating with subject via – telepathy or low band frequency. “Target” is subject to audio hallucinations which distorts communications. Disturbs decisions, and confuses target into doubt.
  • Psi-Tel then works to dismantle the “Target” mentally, emotionally, physically. Once the “Target” is in a disassociated state, Psi-Tel then works to complete the “Target” who is now weakened.

Now, in the year twenty twenty one. The ‘sport” has evolved to assist those who wanna persecute anyone. Your neighbor who has threatened or harassed you.

“Contact Psi-Tel we’ll make them well.”

“Complaint” enters a basic dossier of “Target”. The basics, Name, address, job, friends etc. to the Psi-Collective working the “Target*.

After a series of months attempting to gather much intel as possible. Psi – Tel will use verbal harassment, using profane statements to you and about your family. File false police reports, embarrass, humiliate, and terorrize. Threatening you by any means possible.

Psi-Tel uses a form of Gaslighting, Data Set, and unrelenting audio assault.

They use their resource to best abuse you for their pleasure. Which is to see you terminated, evicted, and destroyed. Some, driven to the absolute end.
Manipulated to consume your time and in an attempt to distort your reality.

The “Target” is not aware what the situation is.

They may experience:

Psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, frustration, helplessness, confusion, disorientation, fear, PTSD, sleeplessness, and finally death.

Psi-Tel works off a basic dossier that is submitted by the “Complaint”. This could be anyone.

The Psi-Collective then takes to working the “Target*…

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