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#Twenty Fifteen

= Nov 24th

A noxious odor, a terrible chemical smell filled our WeHo condo. About 5 AM and I was in the kitchen when an overwhelming scent plummeted down the oven exhaust hood. I felt light headed, oxygen was thin and the air went out.

The foul seemingly inorganic scent filled the entire apartment. Now, it seems heavier than oxygen. I can see the gas slowly roll in live, like dry ice. I moved to the living room as I could see the chemical slowly grow out from the fireplace.


It was like 1984 out there. That an eternal fall seemed to reign over this prospect.

We live on the 3rd floor, the top floor. I started to lose my focus and could not comprehend what was affecting me. I swiftly lost any and all direction. Diana, my wife was asleep. She had returned from Europe that night.

Regaining my balance I sensed the air thin and scent filling the room. Like a whoosh. It was a sensory overload. I initially believed it was pollen plume of juniper trees.

I wanna say 10 minutes later my wife who was sound asleep in our one bedroom. She started saying “No, No…No” her vocals became louder almost screaming No, No, No!

I reacted, soothing her awake from a bad dream.

Not saying anything else to her we decided to share a cigarette on the patio around 5:30 AM Nov. 24th. A skunk ran along side of the building about 297 feet down. It was spraying its defense. It was strange because I didn’t say anything to her.

They were here.

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